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This is me, and I go by Lexie. I am a big music lover, a big video game lover, and an overall nerd. I am big into Magic: the Gathering and am known as a Modern player (affinity, scapeshift, titan bloom) and I am a French EDH Enthusiast. I am also a Level 2 Judge for the game and will be traveling to multple Grand Prixs this year.

Side note, I'm starting to work on altering cards so if you're interested in me painting one, let me know!


the unholy offspring of lightning and de..AWWWWWWWWWW

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The latest music library find

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"Being a Judge is, first and foremost, about trust. The players trust you to know rules and policy and be a fair adjudicator of disputes. The TO trusts you to be a positive representative for their organization. Most importantly, the rest of the Magic Judges trust you with their reputation because what you do reflects on all of us."
Jared Sylva, Level 4 Judge (via magicjudge)
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Dine in theatre with @kelly_mettler! These seats are nice. #Easton #dineintheatre #ifeelfancy

Dine in theatre with @kelly_mettler! These seats are nice. #Easton #dineintheatre #ifeelfancy

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Made nylon in lab! #chemistry

Made nylon in lab! #chemistry

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from What I Know About Magic by Douglas Buel

A great forum post that gives a comprehensive overview of Magic strategy.

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